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Mirjam founded this conference in 2021 because she wanted to give many people access to valuable information regarding sexuality and intimacy. Most of us are not actually taught about the art of making love by our parents or at school. And it is sometimes difficult to collect this information. Therefore, the aim of the Sacred Sexuality Conference is to create a hub for information and to educate about the topic of sex from many perspectives. The information presented is intended to provide inspiration for finding self-determined and fulfilled sexuality.
Today there is the opportunity to ask specific questions, which the experienced and renowned sexologist Ann-Marlene Henning will answer live.
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Sexuality as a life force and spiritual path: How can this work? 
What does the female energy system need and what does the male energy system need to really awaken (sexual) power? And how does parenthood change couple relationships and sexuality and how can we deal with it?



Companion for spiritual self-knowledge, seminar leader, conscious father Equiano lives and teaches how a person can face both their highest light and their deepest shadows constructively and meaningfully. It creates awareness that true love is the connecting link that unites our deepest human pain with our infinite cosmic existence. Equiano went through many intensive self-discovery processes and today opens up a spiritual space for other people for their inner transformation. He says that a feeling heart and a knowing mind, together, provide the path for a deep spiritual awakening.

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BONUS MATERIAL (german only)
Seven bonus meditations from Equiano Intensio to listen to and download

Since the book Shades of Grey, bondage has seen a huge resurgence. Hagen explains how “Shibari”, the traditional Japanese bondage art, is fundamentally different from fetish & Co. He calls it “emotional bondage.” What does bondage have to do with flow state, devotion and intimacy? How can bondage bring us closer?



My name is Hagen Alkis and with my company Shibari Münster I have been giving courses in Japanese rope bondage Shibari since 2017. As one of the market-leading companies in the Shibari sector, it is important to us to introduce couples to a new, erotic world of rope bondage in a sensual way. Through hundreds of courses with couples, we have built up a proven, didactic concept and know the wishes and needs of our customers only too well. In addition to our workshops at Shibari, we also provide books, ropes and accessories on the subject of rope bondage. Strengthening your emotional love relationship, building a deep connection and giving you time and space to feel your partner - that's exactly what our passionate workshops are all about! Our motto is always: Learn to tie safely, systematically and sensitively!

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You ask, Ann-Marlene answers!
LIVE INTERVIEW with the sexologist and couples therapist with YOUR QUESTIONS.
Today, live at 5:15 p.m.!

You can find all of Ann-Marlene Henning’s games at:



Ann-Marlene Henning studied neuropsychology at the University of Hamburg before she began working as a psychologist in her old home of Denmark. She later completed her studies in sexology and couples therapy there and in Switzerland. Back in Hamburg, she now runs a practice for couples and sexual therapy in the Eppendorf district and completed her master's degree in sexology at Merseburg University in 2019.

Her first book “Make Love – An Enlightenment Book” was nominated for the German Youth Literature Prize 2013. “Make More Love – An Educational Book for Adults” followed in 2014. “Love practice – a sexologist tells it” was published by Rowohlt in 2017 as well as “Men – Body” in 2018. Sex. Health.”, a book for everyone who is interested in men, and in 2019 “Sex changes everything – an educational book for advanced people”.

The TV documentary “Make Love - You can learn to make love” with Ann-Marlene Henning on public television was nominated for the German Television Award 2017 in the Best Infotainment category, and the format's website was nominated for the Grimme Online Award 2014. 

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Our goodbye video: A little reflection on the last 8 days, and a few last impulses that seemed especially important to us.


Mirjam founded the Sacred Sexuality Conference 2021 to give as many people as possible central access to good information on the topic of sexuality, which she herself has been looking for for a long time. Today she works in this area with women as a coach and mentor for a new era of sexuality and thus advocates for peace between men and women. She is a KAP facilitator, holds women's circles and offers the Invitation Journey, an online course for women who are looking for an introduction to a new form of sexuality.


Georg is an artist and coach. He came to Tantra and Mirjam via TAO on his path of inner growth. For him, dealing with sexuality is an important key moment in personal development. And with his contribution to this project he hopes to motivate many people to take a closer look at sexuality and love so that they can find or expand their access to their own creative power.

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BONUS MATERIAL (german only)
Seven-week online course for women "Initiation Journey" (starts on November 25th, 2023) for €888 instead of €1333 with the code "SSC23-INITIATION", valid until November 22nd, 2023, 2359h.
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