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One of the biggest challenges is questioning and changing habits and beliefs that have been learned over a long period of time. But that is exactly what is necessary if you approach the topic of sexuality in a conscious way. It's also about the courage to open up to your own creative power and light and to allow yourself to be authentically stolen out of love in the world. Tantra can be a way to seek and recover this inner glow.
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"Sky Dancing tantra"
Tantra according to the teachings of Margot Anand and Sky Dancing Tantra: What exactly is ecstasy and how can we live ecstasy every day? How can we train the body to hold and flow even more energy?


Rupananda is an experienced SkyDancingTantra practitioner and teacher with over 20 years of experience in this spiritual practice. He has deepened his knowledge and experience over the years by working with international teachers. During his continuous practice of Tantra, Rupananda has not only gone through personal growth and development processes, but has also realized the enrichment and gifts of his life on many levels. These deep experiences were the basis for his motivation to share his knowledge and insights on the body level, in everyday life and in the spiritual area in seminars. In his life, Rupananda combines SkyDancing Tantra as a profound spiritual practice with being grounded in his everyday work as a scientist and professor.


The combination of spirituality and scientific down-to-earthness shows his ability to perceive the world in its different aspects and to overcome duality. It allows him to create a supportive learning environment and impart his knowledge in a way that can be applied in everyday life and in real life. Rupananda is a certified Skydancing Tantra® trainer and runs the SkyDancing Tantra Institute Germany together with his wife. His expertise lies in particular in training in ecstasy and love, the heart of SkyDancing Tantra by Margot Anand, the founder of SkyDancing Tantra, with whom he repeatedly led individual cycles of this annual training, which reflects his deep connection to this practice and its significance role in its transmission.


It is particularly important to him to show interested seekers access to these valuable practices at weekend and evening events or in men's seminars. Rupananda is not only a spiritual teacher but also a bridge builder between science and spirituality, combining the best of often conflicting aspects of these worlds to support others in their personal growth and spiritual development.

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About the true meaning of slow sex and the basics of the art of making love! What impact does contemporary sexuality have on our sexuality, our relationships, our bodies and our hearts? And how can we regain the ability to truly make love with our bodies?



Diana Richardson, born in South Africa, is one of the leading teachers of human sexuality. Author of 8 books, including bestsellers “Time for Love,” “Time for Femininity,” and “Time for Masculinity.” Her interest in the body led to a personal exploration of the union of sex and meditation - the essence of tantra. Since 1993, she and her partner have been hosting week-long seminars for couples in tantric lovemaking in Europe.

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What does it mean to “ascend” as an individual and in our relationships? About new dimensions, cosmic unity, highest truth, infinite love and the "process of ascension" that catapults us into completely new levels of our ability to love.



Dr. Andrea Morningstar is an Ascension mentor and speaker who guides business leaders to Pure Bliss Consciousness in life, business, wealth, and beyond. Andrea began her professional career as a doctor and entrepreneur before being fully awake to her life's mission: to Activate others on the Ascension path. From her inner knowing, she closed her private practice and went into the online space, quickly creating 6 & 7 figure months in less than a year, while supporting her clients in doing the same as a reflection of Expanded Consciousness. Andrea offers one-of-a-kind Activations or immersive frequency experiences, as well as online programs, high level masterminds, mentorship, and in-person retreats.


Her clients share a vision of Creating for the Highest Good of All, and are called forward to operate from higher levels of frequency and consciousness to experience their Highest Timelines in every Now. Andrea shares her frequency of higher dimensional creations, spiritual luxury, and wealth throughout her work. She is committed to supporting the collective consciousness of humanity in creating as a Unified Field of Highest Truth and Highest Love.

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3-Day Masterclass plus several Live Guided Activations inside Rise to Ascend:
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