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Half time!
Today is a powerful men's day:

Mantak Chia talks about separating ejaculation and orgasm. Sharan Thomas Gärtner is a men's coach and works a lot on the topic of male qualities and how you can develop them. Barry Long is super clear in his teachings and has helped thousands of couples overcome their difficulties and find a sustainably nourishing and connecting sexuality in their relationship.

We send you our warmest regards and welcome you to day 4!
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What is the ancient Chinese teaching of Tao? How can we use sexual energy for our health and our vitality? How can a man separate orgasm from ejaculation and why should he do that? And what are the gates of the vagina that can lead to powerful orgasms?



Grandmaster Mantak Chia is the world's leading Taoist master. He is the only Qigong master to be awarded the “Qigong Master of the Year” award twice. He is the author of 60 books and has 49 years of teaching experience – online and in person. Teaching with Mantak Chia is unique thanks to its ability to energize its students online or in the classroom. Many students who practice with Master Chia not only witness the wisdom of the primordial violet light during his energy transmissions, but also begin their initial healing processes.

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What makes a man a man?
What exactly is “masculine”? How can men fully come into their own and how can those around them support them? Find out everything about the 4 archetypes of men and about the role of one's own father - often a wound that can be healed in men.



Men's coach, men's annual training to BE CONSCIOUSLY A MAN (The Warrior - The Healer - The Lover - The King - The Mystic), Men's annual training LIVING MALENESS (strengthen your primal power - expand your heart - love as an adult - live relationships).


Seminars for men to clarify the father and mother relationship, annual training LOVE IS LEARNABLE (inner child work), lectures, individual and couple coaching. Men's work since 2001, born in 1958, father of three. 2001–2015 Member of the ZEGG community near Berlin.


“My own “father hunger” was the beginning of my journey as a man and a men’s coach. Today I work in a network with other men's trainers for my vision of “love for being a man”.

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Sex as a path to awakening, sex in a divine way - what does that mean? And how can partners meet to create a field of love and expanding consciousness together?
The Barry Long Channel on YouTube
The Barry Long Podcast


Spiritual teacher Barry Long (1926-2003) was born in Sydney and spent the last ten years of his life in Australia, but lived and worked in London. There he became known for his radical teachings on “The Truth of Life and Love,” which he took to many countries in the 1990s. He called himself an “original tantric master” and taught that most of our unhappiness is due to men and women forgetting how to make love. He proposed a “new kind of love for the West” and encouraged us to see a divine principle in each other when making love. When he introduced it in the early 1980s, it was a radical doctrine and had a profound influence that continues to this day.

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