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Welcome to Day 2!
Today we get in touch with Angeline and Rubem and hear about the universal language of touch. From Gwen we learn about the importance of the voice for the development of sexual energy. Once you have found access to your sexual power, you can begin to consciously work with it and consciously bring it into the world. You can actively accept the gift of your consciousness and transform yourself into a being that brings light and love into the world.

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10% on all workshops in 2023 and 2024, as well as on the training retreat in cuddle therapy 2024 in Austria. Redeem with the code: KuschelRaum4Bliss valid until  31.12.2023.

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What is cuddle therapy and what are cuddle parties? And how can these help us to develop a better sense of ourselves, our needs and our limits? And how does this support us in sexuality?



Angeline Anett Heilfort is a cuddle and massage therapist, workshop and cuddle party leader, touch coach and trainer. The basis of her work is her tantric background and the Wheel of Consent. She is particularly passionate about working with women and creating touching and transformative spaces. Rubem Joy Fockink is a cuddle and massage therapist, workshop and cuddle party leader, touch coach, mindfulness trainer and yoga teacher with a background in social sciences and humanities. His focus is trauma-sensitive body work, and his heartfelt passion is the creation of safe spaces for self-development.


Together we run the KuschelRaum - a space of transformation and growth that stands for embodied connection and conscious encounter at the heart level. With our offerings around the topic of touch and body awareness, we bring together people who want to deal with and further develop topics such as consent culture, conscious communication (of needs, desires and boundaries), mindful touch, real intimacy and connection. We are working to create an international network where people can come together to experience, learn and offer conscious and loving touch. In our work we experience and witness the power of conscious touch and genuine connection and how it can profoundly improve both access to ourselves and collective interaction. We have been gently changing the world for 6 years. We are the KuschelRevolution.


We talk about Betty's famous model of the "Wheel of Consent", how does the art of receiving, giving and: The art of touching work? Learn how to activate your hands!

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Dr. Betty Martin has been caring for people professionally for over 40 years, initially as a chiropractor and after retiring from that practice as a certified substitute partner, Sacred Intimate and Somatic Sexual Educator.

Her explorations in somatic therapies and practices inspired her to develop The Wheel of Consent® framework. As part of her work with the School of Consent, Betty travels the world teaching practitioners how to create effective agreements in their client sessions.

This is done in their sought-after training, “Like A Pro: The Wheel of Consent for Practitioners.” Originally developed as an offering to teach much-needed consent skills to sex workers and touch providers, this training is now attended by somatic therapists, massage therapists, sex educators, medical and healthcare workers, activists, human resources staff and the spectrum of touch-based professional providers – all of whom Complete training with a clear understanding of how consent begins within our own bodies and then expands outward to all forms of human relationships, with or without touch.

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What exactly is Sacred Sexuality? What are men's wounds, women's wounds and how can we learn to heal together and open our hearts deeply to one another?



Hanna Milling is a mediator, peace and love researcher, trauma therapist and founder of Autentic Love. For many years she has dedicated her life to healing love and sexuality as an essential part of peace work.


She is the author of the video "From Women to men", which has deeply impressed people around the world. Together with her partner Bernhard von Galsenapp, she leads couples retreats for healing and inner liberation from love and sexuality. Together they are dedicating themselves wholeheartedly to building a healing biotope and a peace academy in the Schorfheide Biosphere Reserve north of Berlin.


“We want to create a space in which healing can happen, healing of our human inner worlds, healing of love, healing of the outer worlds, of nature and the separation of humans, nature and the divine, a space in which we explore together how community can be based on cooperation and trust between people and all fellow creatures.”

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